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Nick Cannon Slams Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s ‘American Idol’ Feud: ‘I Was a Little Disappointed in the Producers’

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Features Of Yarram


Yarram is about 30 minutes past Foster on the South Gippsland Highway. It’s an older established farming community with a large secondary college, many churches, a great art gallery and tourist information and a very useful shopping center, especially for those who may be holidaying in the seaside towns of Port Albert or Woodside.

This first panorama is of the main street stretch of shops on the eastern side of the highway.


Yarram also has a well known golfing club which runs special events throughout the year. It isn’t unusual to be teeing off or driving over kangaroos grazing on the green grassy fairways.


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Come to Town…


Image 18

Image 11

Image 12

Image 14

Image 10

Image 26

Image 21

Finally! Here are some long-overdue “after” shots. TOWN opened on October 27th, 2012, and we’ve been madly tending to the shop and getting to know our new friends and neighbours ever since.

Bloordale has been incredibly warm and welcoming and we are looking forward the new year in our new ‘hood…

As 2013 begins we want to thank all of you who still believe in and support independent retail. You allow us to continue to do what we love every day.

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fin de l’annee


avignon 31.12.201201

Many of the last hours of the end of the year were spent wandering around Avignon – discovering, admiring, absorbing – and doing some stocktaking. Place Saint Pierre, tucked behind the church, forms the smallest of cross axes and has quickly become a necessary cut through.  Strange window decoration close by . .  macabre

avignon 31.12.201202

. . . the bell tower by Place des Carmes is topped with intricate metalwork – fine contrast to the simple architecture and stonework.

avignon 31.12.201203

avignon 31.12.201204

Golden rays surround cherubs carefully transporting the head of John the Baptist to some holy place on the facade of the Baroque Chapel of the Pénitents Noirs de la Miséricorde. More macabre goings on . . . . my last post showed images of the public space by the Place du Palais . . .

avignon 31.12.201206

avignon 31.12.201207

. . . the smallest family member got to grips quickly with the spacious areas here on his way…

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2012 American Country Awards

Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, Jason Aldean, and other country crooners hit the red carpet for the fan-voted 3rd annual American Country Awards in Sin City on Monday.

Carrie Underwood


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